After years of unquestioned world dominance, is"made in Italy" dead and gone?

Italian industrial production has nearly all gone abroad, where labour costs are lower.
Even in Italy, the industrial workforce remaining consists mainly of foreign workers.
Not only that, but Italy has always been without riches, apart from landscape and cultural ones, deriving from natural energy resources or from valuable raw materials.
But Italian quality remains: in fine handicrafts, in every sector, in great manual dexterity, in the high quality of materials and ancient techniques and traditions, as well as in artistic creations which, by their very nature, cannot be entrusted to others.

Thoughts, ideas, a capacity for invention and design, as well as formal and functional innovation!!! We can still create and daydream, with our inimitable style and good taste!!!
It doesn't matter where or by whom it is made, the mind behind it must be here... and we mustn't lose this, too!!!
The name we chose is exactly our intention: to design and promote everything which is created in Italy "Mind-in-Italy" (interior design, prototypes and unique design pieces; production designs, from one-off pieces to coordinated systems; illumination, ornaments and design fittings, architectural and city supplies; useful and playful objects, including toys; clothing, accessories and personal ornaments, including jewellery; works of art and ornamental items, using graphics, painting and sculpture...).