Paolo Fabri was born in Rome in 1958. He graduated in Architecture at the IUAV of Venice in 1983, following a course of study oriented towards architectural planning and restoration. He then followed various specialist courses at Milan Polytechnic.

He became a member of the Bergamo Professional Order of Architects, and of the Order of Technical Consultants to the Law Courts, as Security Coordinator and Environmental Expert.
He has been a teacher of Architecture and Design since 1988 at the School of Art in Bergamo.
Until 1990 he worked with the architect Piergiorgio Tosetti of Bergamo, with whom he carried out important public and private commissions. In 1991 he opened his own professional studio, working on architectural planning, both new buildings and restoration work. He also took part in various architectural and design competitions.

His architecture is symbolic and anthropomorphic, he is interested in bioclimatic, as well as minimal, flexible and expandable architecture. He designs new solutions for living according to personal needs. At present he is mainly occupied in designing and producing interior design prototypes and one-off pieces.

Of himself he says:
"I graduated in Venice and began working as an architect, enthusiastically and full of expectations, nearly thirty years ago. During these long years, I have worked on architectural and town planning projects, and carried out important works, both public and private.
Then there arrived the simplification that complicated everything (at least for me)! Designing is important to me! But as Renzo Piano says (and he understands these things): "If you design things, but don't actually build anything, sooner or later your pencil will drop from your hand". So I decided to build some of my designs myself. On a small scale the need for means and resources is not too great, and you are really free to express yourself.
In 2006 I inaugurated the "PLACES OF ASMODEO", dedicating part of my architectural studio to an exhibition of my projects, prototypes and one-off interior design pieces. In 2008 I founded "MIND IN ITALY", a concept design store, among other things, with the aim of promoting everything which is "created" in Italy!"

paolo fabri